Monday, April 21, 2008

Annual HOA Meeting

We had our Annual HOA Meeting Saturday 4/19/08! Personally I thought it went really well. During our open discussion there were a few concerns that were raised.
1. Broke down cars remaining on property.
2. Homes being broken into.
3. People hanging out on others property.
4. Possible criminal activity.
I heard some things that were very alarming to me. We need to support each other and watch out for what is going on in our neighborhood.
Please notify the appropriate people when you see things that just don't seem right to you.

1. Non Emergency Number- getting info
2. Email Address-
3. Emergency Number- 911
4. HOA Phone Number- Cindy Dean office: 317-885-7462 ext 233
fax: 317-885-2462

Here were some topics of things people would like to start.
1. Crime Watch
2. News Letter
3. Block Captains
4. Walking Group
5. Neighborhood Clean up

Post these important dates on your calendar.
1. Community Yard Sale- 5/10/08
2. Community Clean Up- 5/17/08