Sunday, March 23, 2008

3/22/08 Board Meeting

This is an update on the meeting that took place on 3/22/08. The meeting involved Board Members, James Martin, Regina Hyde and B.A. Berry

Hot Topics:

*New Play Ground for the common area. The Board catalog shopped for the Play Ground equipment. There will be a new big Play Ground in the common area this Summer.

*Part Time Security for the warm months. B.A. placed a call to someone who was interested in walking the neighborhood and provide security last year. This person is not interested in providing security. The idea was brought up to create a Walking Group. The Walking Group will meet once a week to walk the neighborhood, and meet new people.

*Benches and Trash Cans for all the Pond Areas. Coming this Summer!

*Getting our contracted company to complete the Front Entrance Project. The company has not finished the project. There should be lights shinning on the sign. The front light should work. Monthly maintenance on the foliage should also take place.

*Trash Pick Up! Let's get together and keep our community clean! If the trash man doesn't pick up your trash, then you need to make sure that it gets cleaned up! If you see something that has been sitting for some time, take the initiative and pick it up!

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